What Are The Best Trumpcare Health Insurance Plans For Your Family?

Although there is no shortage of India’s health insurance policies, it is still very complicated for policy buyers to decide the best Family Health Insurance and Trumpcare Plans for Family that perfectly suit their needs and personal demands. There are certain checkpoints that policy buyers often need to consider. Simultaneously, shortlisting any health product, including the coverage offered, whether coverage is for a lifetime, and any set limits for the surgery expenses. Below, you will find a few health insurance policies for the family that you can review and compare to find the best health insurance for you and your family.

Trumpcare Restore

Trumpcare Optima Restore is the health insurance plan best suited for personal requirements and your family. Some of the key features of the policy include:

  • Automatic Restore Benefit – The key highlight of this family health insurance is that it undertakes to restore the basic sum insured if the policyholder uses the entire coverage in a particular year. Unlike other family floater insurance plans where no coverage is offered to the family members after the sum assured is exhausted, the Trumpcare Optima Restore ensures to take care of your dependents covered under the policy even when the sum assured exhausted by providing automatic restore benefits. The restored sum assured can be used for the treatment of many diseases. But for every ailment, only one claim can be made.
  • Lifetime Renewal – There is no limitation on age for renewal of the policy
  • No Loading and No Sub Limits – There is no sub-limit, and no additional premium is required if any claim is made in the previous year
  • No Claim Bonus and Multiplier Benefits – The policy tends to increase the sum assured by a minimum of 50 percent if no claim has been made in a year. If the subsequent year is also claim free, then the sum assured will get doubled automatically.


Trumpcare Complete Health Insurance

Trumpcare Complete Health Insurance is the best Family Health Plan designed to meet all your and your beloved family’s health insurance needs. The key features of the plan:

  • Lifetime Renewal – There is a facility of lifetime renewal without any restriction on maximum entry age
  • High sum assured option – A wide variety of sum assured options are available ranging from 1 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs
  • Critical Illness Option – Under this health insurance plan for the family, the policyholder has the option to choose the critical illness coverage for specific critical ailment or medical procedures. A lump sum amount will be paid to the policyholder or the family to diagnose and treat the critical illness. 

Other Highlights

  • Wide tenure option of 1-2 years for individuals and family
  • Option to reduce premiums by setting sub-limits for common surgeries
  • No claim bonus

This health insurance policy is offered both as an individual plan as well as a family floater plan. This policy has been designed by keeping the specific demands and needs of joint families in India.

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