The Definitive Guide to Passing Your Insurance Exam

You need a property and casualty insurance license before you can sell property or insurance. Getting this license involves sitting an exam in the area you intend to be selling the property and the insurance.

While the examination process varies for the various states, the preparation process and content are almost similar. Here are some of the best practices to pass the insurance exam.


Preparation is vital when you intended to take the insurance exam. Around 30 to 40 hours of study is enough to grasp everything you need to ace your exams. However, spread these hours over a few weeks before the exams. Gradual studying is helpful than trying to cram everything the night before the exam.

The preparation period should be void of distractions. Remove any form of distraction like phones, TV, and social media. Avoid multitasking and focus on what you are studying.

Prepare by taking practice exams to gauge your information acquisition. You can then determine the areas you need to pay more attention to.

Scheduling the exams

Once you feel ready for the examinations, it’s time to schedule. Most states require to book the exam date and time through the phone or from a website. Confirm whether the state use third-party testing companies or manage the examinations in-house.

Most states do not allow same-day booking and seating of the exam. Use the days before the exam due date to keep on preparing while you master your weak areas.

Feel free to cancel the schedule if you are not sure you are ready enough. However, check on the financial implications as well.

Taking the examination

Every other thing won’t matter if you fail to take your insurance license exam. Stay focused as even the most prepared candidates make mistakes.

The insurance license examination is not the hardest you will handle. Every question count, thus do not skip any of them. Instead, use the selection method to find the correct answers.

The examination is to test understanding of the industry aspects. The Texas insurance license examiner will only play around with concepts. Avoid answers you have never heard of. Also, stay logical and follow instructions.

Don’t read too much into the tests. Instead, focus on the double negative questions and use them to your advantage. Understand the true/false technique as you would the synonymous and contradictory answers.

What is the cost of an insurance license exam?

The cost of the insurance license exam depends on the state you are in. In most cases, the price would include the charges for training, learning materials, and examinations.

The cost can also depend on the level and the number of exams you are taking. Taking multiple examinations can be costly, the same as retaking an exam after failing the first trial.

Understand all the costs before you register for the license processing.


You are passing an examination away from your insurance license. Use these tips to help you ace your exams on the first trial.

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