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Uncertainties in business are most common that may even lead SMBs and start-ups to come under massive debts that make their business operations extremely difficult. Businesses going through lean periods due to poor cash flow affect sales and obviously profitability.

Besides various other external factors, the most common reasons attributed to lack of insufficient cash flow are low sales, unexpected bills and inadequate stock inventory etc.

As analyzed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), in a large percentage of insolvent companies, inability to fill cash flow gaps is a prominent cause of failure as a result they fail to record profits and hence sustain business for long terms.

What could be the remedy for cash crunch?

Immediate need for Businesses suffering due to inadequate cash flow is to look for additional funding from some reliable source so as to plug the cash flow gaps.

In Australia, start-ups and SMBs have a unique facility of availing merchant cash advances that can certainly help them to manage cash flow gaps quickly, without taking long term debt.

Merchant cash advances taken foe shot term can help businesses to give boost to the cash flow without depositing their personal property or pledging business assets as collateral.

What is Merchant Cash Advance and how it works?

 A novel financing option, merchant cash advance, when taken can from a trustworthy lender like APICKLE merchant business funding specialist, can facilitate businesses respond aptly to their immediate funding needs.

Through this funding option, the borrower is granted a lump sum amount as an advance and is paid back through revenue generated through future credit card payments in very small percentage.

Also known as ‘Credit Card Receivable Funding’, the merchant cash advance is granted on the basis of your existing sales and is repaid with your future credit card and EFTPOS sales.

Borrower will be required to authorize lender to draw a pre-decided fixed percentage of your daily credit card sale revenue and EFTPOS sales till full cash advance is received back by lender.

Merchant cash advance (MCA) is an ideal alternative funding option for small businesses to give required impetus to your turnover and invest in all business growth areas. Since, MCA is basically an advance by lender by purchasing your future transactions and sales, it is not considered a loan.

The process for approval of merchant cash advance is very simple and quite fast. When approved the amount is directly sent to borrower’s bank account. For SMBs and start-ups, merchant cash advance is a far more convenient funding option.

Being a kind of unsecure funding or loan for short term, bank usually do not show much interest and hence APICKLE merchant cash funding option emerges as the best option that very efficiently cater to the need of additional funds by SMBs.

Even if you have bad credit rating, APICKLE merchant cash funding can be a great option for you as APICKLE strives to assist businesses of all sizes in Australia. We are quite flexible in granting cash advances to businesses with bad rating on furnishing proofs of minimum $10000/month and trading period of 6 months.

If your business falls in financial crisis due to lack of revenue generation, contact most recommended, efficient and customer-caring APICKLE for merchant cash funding.

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